Internationaal  1980

24-26 Mei, 1980 Isselburg (Duitsland) Trainings weekend voor het Nationaal Zitvolleybal team met de deelemende landen van : Noorwegen, Duitsland, Zweden en Nederland. Dit tournooi is op verzoek van de Duitsers georganiseerd, in aansluiting op het toernooi 1979 te Haarlem,  teneinde de andere landen meer ervaring te laten op doen met Zit volleybal. Vooral de komende Olympiade in Arnhem is een stimulans om meer wedstrijd ervaring en volleybal training op te doen. Nederland speelt de volgende wedstrijden: Nederland-Noorwegen 3-0, Nederland-Duitsland 3-1,  Nederland-Zweden 3-0

Nationaal 1980

Nationale Kompetitie. In de nationale kompetitie maakte ISV Hengelo de verwachtingen waar en wint de Nationale titel. Voor de Tubanten een tegenvaller.
3 spelers van Tubanten waren geslaagd voor het diploma Volleybal-trainer A van de NeVoBo.

  1980 Juni 21 – Juli 5,  Arnhem (NED)

Arnhem,   de  " 6e Olympiade voor gehandicapten sport".

For the first time, Sit Volleyball is officially on the Paralympic program. The volleyball players are classified according to the international medical regulations of the ISOD. As a result of a decision by the Dutch parliament, South Africa is not allowed to participate in the Games. A total of 2500 athletes from 42 countries participated in the Olympiad in the period from June 21 to July 5, 1980. These Games were so special because for the first time 5 handicapped categories Cerebral Palsy -B, Amputees - Les Autres - and Paralysed athletes compete together in one event. It also presented additional organizational problems because no integrated programs are allowed. For each category, all events must be organized separately. The Team sports Wheelchair basketball and Volleyball were also different. Wheelchair basketball played with only paralyzed athletes and Volleyball with integrated other disabilities, most of which are amputees. There are 984 gold medals to be earned in no less than 697 different sports events. The medical examinations of the Zit volleyball players cause a lot of problems. Several players are disqualified from participating in the Games by the international medical examiners. The surprise was that Egypt entered the Games with one team competing in both Standing and Sitting Volleyball.
7 countries participated in the Sit Volleyball tournament. The final standings of the tournament were: 1 Netherlands, 2 Sweden, 3 Yugoslavia, 4 Finland, 5 Norway, 6 Egypt, 7 Luxembourg


Nederland  tegen Joegoslavie   en wint in de pool  met 3-0.                                                                                          het eerste Olym[pische GOUD is binnen
In de pool A is Nederland ingedeeld met Noorwegen en Joegoslavië en wint de dubbele competitie alle wedstrijden met  3-0 . In de halve finale wordt  Finland met 3-1 verslagen . In een kleine 50 minuten wint Nederland in de finale van Zweden met 3-0 .   Het talrijke publiek stond massaal achter Oranje . Setstanden 15-11, 15-8, 15-9.
Achter: Ari ’t Hart (Coach) Huub Steegen, Jaap Geertsema, Sjef van Drongelen (ass. Coach) . Midden: Pierre Smeets, Willem Weijenberg, Herman Berenschot, Hennie Schulenberg, Johan Reekers en Henk Dost.
Voor liggend: Gerard Kroon, John Hilgeholt en Stef de Wit.  In de selectie zaten ook de spelers:   Mathieu Eggen,  Herman Bereschot,   en Pierre Smeets.
klik op de foto ,
Aan het  “ Staand”  Volleybal programma  hebben  5 landen  ingeschreven.
foto: Duitsland tegen Egypte

Egypte trok na één wedstrijd het Staande team terug uit het Staand Volleybal toernooi, mede omdat het organisatorisch niet ging om met één team zowel Staand als Zitvolleybal in het programma mee te doen. . De eindstand van het "Staande" toernooi was:   1. Israël, 2  Polen, 3  Duitsland, 4  Engeland

Special  Meeting  Arnhem 1980

At the invitation of Pieter Joon (NED), the representatives of the participating Volleyball countries will have a meeting during the Games. A group composed of: Messrs. I. Barlund (SWE), H. Haep (GER), K. Aga (NOR), R. Vute (YUG), representatives of Finland and Luxembourg and Pieter Joon (NED) became the future of discussed international volleyball for the disabled. Mr. Dr. H. Natvig (NOR), also invited, he is the responsible ISOD medical examiner. He l has to determine the international classification and suitability of the players.
The 7 pioneer countries are the participants in the Olympiad in Arnhem (NED). ISOD will be the international governing body. In the 6 other countries, various different ball games are played called Faust, Sitz and Netzball. All ball games have different rules. In the Netherlands, Sitting Volleyball is played with Volleyball rules. Joon convinces the countries present that development of the game only has a chance if we all play the same volleyball game with the same rules. After extensive discussion, the countries decide to play Dutch Sitting Volleyball, with the rules as established in the Netherlands, in their own country.
An agreement is reached to formalize an international committee next year that can propose the activities and rules to permanently develop and play Sitting Volleyball in other countries. Germany offered to organize the next international Sitting Volleyball tournament in 1981. An International Volleyball Committee can then be formally elected here.
Joon is requested to prepare everything and send it to the participating countries, so that a final decision can be made in 1981 about the future of SittingVolleyball and to set up an International Committee, so that International Championships and a Development Policy can be organized. . Classification issues are discussed with the representatives present. A classification system for Standing Volleyball was developed in Great Britain, by Mr Len Softley, and adopted by the International Sports Organization for Disabled (ISOD).
The SittingVolleyball playing countries stated that they want to play with only a "minimum handicap" and no further classification or points system tied to the players. . The ISOD has a classification system based on amputation. Other disabilities entering international competition must be comparable to an amputation. This causes many problems for the ISOD medical examiners in Volleyball and for the athletes. The doctors have difficulty with the various conditions and assess abnormally, which often results in players being wrongly rejected

foto: dr Harald Natvig  (ISOD)  en Pieter Joon
During the Arnhem Games, Pieter Joon (NED) had several meetings with the ISOD doctors. His wish was a "minimum handicap" per sport based on a "functional assessment per sport". What exactly does a handicap mean in his sport, based on what a player can or cannot do. A minimum handicap for volleyball is completely different from table tennis. Don't compare bodies and put them in a box. Sport is competition and not fair. Sitting volleyball must have its own "handicap classification" other than e.g. athletics or swimming. You cannot generalize the "minimum handicap". This is different for Volleyball than for table tennis or athletics, for example. The participating countries in a specific sport should have a deciding vote themselves and not the ISOD "medical committee". Moreover, Joon is strongly against a points classification in team sports. He is in favor of a sport-oriented classification Moreover, he finds it undesirable and very disruptive that the IPC also interferes with sports classifications. That is the autonomous right of Sport. The medical classification and inspections at Championships are the biggest obstacle in Sport for the disabled


September 6, 1980  Tilburg

Eén van de oudste Zitvolleybal clubs "Tilburg" viert haar jubileum met een Internationaal tournooi.

Paralympic Games

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