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Goal and Targetgroup


The Goal of Sitting Volleyball

The goal of Sitting Volleyball is to offer every person with a physical disability a Sport to gain pleasure, competition, fitness and mental strength so that a social equal role in society is obtained " This complies with the UN Charter rule 30 "The Right to Exercise and Sport by People with Disabilities". This right has been invested by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport with the National Sports Federations. Sitting volleyball is about athletes with congenital or acquired disabilities and those with a traumatic cause. we can develop a policy for recruiting these people in three target groups.
The Target Groups :

Targetgroup 1

15% of the population is disabled. Do you have any idea how big our market is that grows Every year,  with 100,000 of athletes in your country stop participating in sports for medical reasons and are not taken care of by its own organized sports federation. Here is a market of 2,500,000 people who could and should do sports. Neither the responsible authorities nor the clubs have developed an adequate sports policy to get disabled/injured people to exercise and especially to keep sports leavers active. Every year compatriots stop playing sports and we simply drop them.. “We are not competitors of the Sport Federations, but together we stand for the Goal of offering every person the opportunity to get and keep moving”. A nationally supported policy from politicians, the National Sports Federation,the National Volleyball Federation are indispensable in this regard. A „3-Track Policy“ can be developed here.  
Where do we find our athletes  for  target group 1 :
healthcare workers, Rehabilitation Centers, rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, movement agogues, In the 1st and 2nd line of care, patient organizations, neighborhood coaches, Annual list of Sport-leavers at NSF affiliated Federations, incl. all Indoor volleyball associations via Exit talks and especially in the healthcare chain

Target group 2

 Sitting Volleyball  : A MODEL FOR ENGAGING FORMER ELITE ATHLETES IN REGULAR PHYSICAL  ACTIVITY .  An interesting study from the Erasmus University in Slovenia, the AHOS project, shows how important it is that especially TOP players should continue to do sports after their career.
Many ex-top players drop out with no ambition to do recreational sports and also fear of injuries. Sitting Volleyball appears to be the ideal sport for many TOP athletes to be active for a longer period of time. These are ideal opportunities to set up a national or international competition for these athletes. (AHOS project Slovenië)
 In this target group we find also the more than 100,000 athletes who leave the Sport every year for whatever reason. The Nat Sport Fed (NSF)  publishes a list of “leavers” every year. It would be useful to filter this list by a reason that indicates the cause. The Volleyball Federation can request the NSF to inspect the filtered list that may be of interest to Sitting Volleyball (for example, that of the Team Sports) The Volleyball Bond itself annually conducts an Exit investigation into the leavers of Indoor Volleyball, with the cooperation of all volleyball clubs. In this group we can place all athletes of all sports who have to exercise due to a long-term physical sports injury. With SittingVolleyball you can still practice a sport and keep your condition up
Where can we find future sitting volleyball athletes from target group 2:
List Sport leavers of NOC*NSF and that one of the National Volleyball Fed  and  the other national sports federations. All national associations in particular must play a more active role with their members who stop playing sports for physical reasons. They must take on a referral role. The Volleyball Federation  communicates with the other Sports Federations and indicats  for reference to Sitting Volleyball as an alternative sport after their career.
On the advice of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Nat Sport Fed , all national clubs should develop an active policy in this regard. Money is available

Target group 3

We call this group "the Everyone is welcome Sport".  By this group we mean: family and friends of target group 1 as well as indoor volleyball players who find Sitting Volleyball a fun and tough sport. People who would like to play a team sport, but are afraid of a sports injury. Athletes who feel left out elsewhere . Volleyball players within the Ïndoor Volleyball associations (whether or not temporarily with an injury) This target group is open to everyone. An interesting group of seniors at a recreational level, but also eldery  players who want to play volleyball at a competition level. Sitting Volleyball offers the possibilities  Anyone who, like the entire World, considers Sitting Volleyball to be the most popular sport. Sitting volleyball has an open society culture. Live together, exercise together.
Where can we find future athletes of target group 3
Through a lot of targeted publicity via social media, weeklies and neighborhood magazines, neighborhood coaches and physios. Make it known what the Sitting Volleyball offers. That's how we can find them. Sitting volleyball as a sport is the melting pot of our society From a dissertation by a student at the University of Utrecht with the statement “what is the best sport for the disabled” Sitting volleyball clearly came first!

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