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  " Sitting volleyball is Team Sport

without handicap  "  

 65 years Sitting Volleyball has proven that you are not hindered by any limitation when playing. With Sitting Volleyball I no longer experience my handicap and feel free and unhindered.  I can no longer practice a sport standing up. Sitting volleyball offers me to keep my condition up and still do competitive sports. In both cases sitting volleyball offers the desired solution. A sports experience without handicap. In 2020, athletes worldwide chose Sitting Volleyball as the most popular sport at the Paralympics

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" Not the equality in sport is the challenge  "

Not equality is the challenge in Sport, but a stronger opponent or  better teammate is the incentive for optimal mental and physical performance.

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" A Player Profile  (minimal disability)  is a

Sport specific  rule  "

 A Rule has been added to the Rules for Sitting Volleyball International which allows Sitting Volleyball Players to be admitted to  International competitions. These rules are proposed by the Sport Department (SD), the medical committee and adopted by the Board and the GA.

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" We are 15%  + yearly 100.000  Sports leavers  "

15% of the world's population is disabled. Every year, 100,000 athletes stop participating in sports, mainly due to injuries. Neither the responsible authorities nor the Associations have developed an adequate sports policy to get (sports)-disabled people to exercise and, especially, to keep those who leave sports active.

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 Disabled Athletes are not " look a likes "  and  do not want to be

The “Re-thinking” has still not penetrated. People are not the same, so neither are disabled people. Each branch of sport with its own unique rules requires specific skills from a participant, disabled or not.
For each branch of Sport or part thereof, a separate minimum handicap must therefore be included in the relevant sport  rules.
Not the  same General  minimum disability  in every branch of  Sport !!!

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"  Sport is not a privilege of the healthy person "

Pieter Joon

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" Sport is not fair and certainly not equivalent  "

In Sitting Volleyball there is no medical discrimination for players who are technically too good or stand out due totheir length. No medical “protection” for players who are physically weak or too small. That's Sports. As a result, Athletes worldwide chose Sitting Volleyball as the most popular and attractive Sport at the Paralympics.  Team Sport stimulates many special features that give you fitness and confidence.

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IPC is an International  "Event "  Organisation

IPC focuses on organizing the Paralympics. It will invite Popular Sports to participate and exclude sports and games on “ethical” grounds. IPC cannot legally impose any requirements on the International Sports Federations regarding Sports Rules .
 The credibility of the Paralympic Sport is served by a good "Sport" choice, where a "visible" disability is not the "Goal" of "Sport".

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" WPV is an International SPORT  Organisation  " 

WPV is  internationally responsible for Sitting Volleyball. She sets the Rules of the Game. Admission to the sport is an Administrative choice and not a Medical one. This permission “Players Profile” is part of the Sitting Volleyball Rules. The rules of the game and training are housed in the Organisation.

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 " Sitting Volleyball anchored me at a time in my life when I needed it  "

 Gabrielle Reece

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Publication  about Sitting Volleyball is a must

Unknown makes unloved. Do regularly provide health workers with information and flyers about the goal of Sitting Volleyball
100,000 Sport dropouts annually . Often the target group suitable for Sitting Volleyball. The lack of insight and cooperation between the National Federations means a loss of thousands of potential players

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Clinging to tradition stalls sports development

When ISMGF International first started, the extensive classification system for wheelchair users was leading. After this, the Classifiers negotiated the same system for all diagnosis groups and all sports, which followed later. Unfortunately, 70 years later, international top sport still faces the same picture. More classes for a "fair" competition. The program is getting bigger and bigger...
 Sitting volleyball has  shown  that you become stronger with a better player next to you. No classification system necessary

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" Sport gives energy en self confidence  with Sitting Volleyball I feel like a fish in the water  "

 Amputee athlete

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  " The   National  SportFederations do have social obligations to their former athletes. "



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Accessible and suitable Sports Accommodations are required

A national sports policy for people with disabilities also requires accessible and suitable sports facilities. No steep stairs or broken elevator as an entrance, but a ramp for wheelchair teams, athletes and supporters. In addition, suitable toilets, showers and changing rooms. Finally you can invite convalescents and older family members to come and watch.

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" Sitting Volleyball was the saving grace for me

to continue exercising  "

ex football player after quitting due to serious knee injury

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