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Due to a conflict between the National Federations in the U.S. the Wheelchair Games are canceled in Champaign, for financial reasons. These Games will now be moved to Stoke Mandeville (England). The first plan had to be set up in splits. The wheelchair Games in Champaign and the other 3 Federations in Long Island (NY).   The Dutch team was housed in the campus of Hofsra University
In NY 1800 athletes participated in 15 sports from 45 countries. The Netherlands participated with a men's team in Sitting Volleyball.
8 countries have registered for Sitting Volleyball.
Organizationally a disaster
The Volleyball tournament is poorly organised. The games are played in a dark hall with a dark green floor. Pieter Joon receives many complaints from those present, especially from the English, German and Dutch (AVRO) TV teams. In addition, the designation of referees and line judges is chaotic. Especially the 2nd referees and line judges appear to be basketball referees and sometimes leave the game because their time is up. Pieter Joon demands a different venue and wants to appoint his own competition management. After some discussions he gets his way. The matches go to another (very bright) hall with more capacity for spectators. In addition, he appoints Albert Thiescheffer as general competition leader. The tournament has been saved.

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