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Sitting  Volleyball rules 1956 -1981

The Volleyball rules 1952 as published by the FIVB are the leading rules for Sitting Volleyball. For Sitting Volleyball the following rules are adapted or Added.

General remark   At all times during playing action with the ball the player must have contact with the court with some part of the body from the buttocks to the shoulders. Standing up, raise the body from the court or take steps is a fault..
The court and its dimensions The playing court is a rectangle measuring 10 m x 6 m,
Front zone On each court the front zone is limited by the axis of the center line and the attack line drawn 2 m back from that axis.
Service zone The service zone is a 2 m wide area behind the end-line The buttocks of a player must be total behind the end line during the service. The legs may lay in the court.
Net and posts A regular Volleyball-net should be placed vertically over the center-line. The top of the net is set at the height of 1.20 m. Supporting posts can be used.
Position of the player. The positions of the players are determined and controlled by the positions of their buttocks Lifting.   A player in the defense zone is allowed to lift from the court in case of a defense action.
Faults in playing the ball
It is forbidden to spike the ball with the fist to  Opponent court.
It is forbidden to touch the opponent court during the play, with any part of the body.

The  " Target group "  for Sitting Volleyball

The target group for sitting volleyball is very broad. Anyone with a disability can find the pleasure of playing sports with Sitting Volleyball. Think of all those athletes who sustain a serious and permanent sports injury every week. The target group has been defined. No minimum restriction is required nationally.

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