Game Officials



Due to the fact that only in the Netherlands  a Sitting Volleyball competition was running no international referees were  available to direct the matches. In the pre-Paralympic tourmament in 1979 in Haarlem a Swedish Volleyball referee mr Barlund  gained experience . He was the only international invited referee in Arnhem

The International Game Officials

The Volleyball Technical Committee of the Games. De committee consisted of the following members
Ben Reekers, Pieter Joon,  Arie van Andel,        ?????
All the dutch referees are experienced Sitting Volleyball referees and qualified  referees of the Dutch Volleyball Federation. One international referee from Sweden  has been invited
Pieter Joon thanks the referees for the good management of the match
Jaap Uildriks,  Koos  Schager en Henk Reinhart

the referees in charge
Henk Reinhart, Henk Sierveld, Heiko Schouten, Wim van de Berg, Henk Hallie,  Hans Kronenberg,  en Las Barlund (Swe).

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